Computer Vision – A Part of the Future

In the terms of computer, “vision” refer to the ability of the systems which makes them able to identify items, places, objects and even people from visual images, those collected via some sort of camera or sensor. It is this technology that enables the smartphone’s camera to recognize whether the part of the image it is capturing is a face or something else and powers the technologies such as Google Image Search. As the world moves through 2020, it is going to see computer vision equipped tools and technologies rolled out for an ever increasing number of uses…

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5G – The Latest Addition to the Cellular Technology

5G is the latest addition to the cellular technology, developed to massively improve the speed and response of the wireless networks. Via 5G, data transmitted over the wireless broad-band connections can travel at high rates ranging till 20 Gbps through certain estimates, exceeding the wireless network speeds along with offering latency of 1 ms or lower for activities that require real time feedback. 5G will also have to ability to provide a significant improvement in the amount of data transmitted over the wire-less system as a result of more available bandwidth and advancements in the antenna technologies. Along…

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How Blockchain is impacting the world

Blockchain will be having a massive impact on our future, from banking, secure communications to healthcare as well as ride sharing. Society now a days is filled with uncertainty and with valid reason. To make sure that the purchase is really legit, one would need a system with a strong security where the records will be stored and the facts will be verified by numerous witnesses so that one cannot cheat. Such system is widely known as Blockchain. No individual or organization owns it. Rather, the data is stored across a system of several personal computers so that…

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Have you ever imagined being in outer space or any other planet or in the middle of your favorite video game world surrounded by your favourite characters ? We all had such dreams and imaginations when we were kids. Some of us (including me) still wish to live those dreams. Well, it's not yet possible to physically be at such places for common people but, you can definitely 'experience' being there while you're still at your home! Yes, you read that right! YOUR HOME! But how? Well, the answer is “Holographic Augmented Reality “! Holographic Augmented Reality, abbreviated…

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Influence of Startups on Indian Economy

India is becoming a hub for startups. The number of startups is increasing year after year in India, creating an enormous growth for opportunities. More than 12,000 startups came up last year according to NASSCOM. India is a country with a vast population and it produces lakhs of graduates per year. With the increase in graduates per year, the importance of job creation also increases. Almost every student in college has numerous ideas that may lead to possible startups. Some of them execute those ideas and become successful entrepreneurs in the near future while others, without the proper…

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The future of human interaction with machines

The future of human interaction with machines EMOTIONS MATTER. WE know it intuitively, but our machines don’t. They do not know how we feel; they have no idea as to what we mean, and they are clueless in deciphering if a quickly uttered “have a nice day” actually is genuine. This emotional blind-spot is not due to a lack of trying. As a matter of fact, researchers and computer scientists have been trying for decades to endow machines with these unalienable qualities we humans take for granted. In the past 10 years, there have been great breakthroughs in…

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